Meet Andy

Andy is the author of and the owner of the domain marketplace,

Born in 1981 Andy spent most of his childhood at the park with his friends playing football (soccer) and riding his bike. Like any kid he was climbing trees, late for dinner and drove his mother crazy at times, especially when he came home head to toe in mud.

He left school with nothing more than a few standard grade results that allowed him to get into college to learn joinery. After his first year he was unable to continue as he did not secure an apprenticeship with an employer, which was a requirement at the time.

Over the years Andy has had many jobs but none fully satisfied his desire to progress up the ladder within these jobs. At the age of 29 Andy made the bold decision to take a step back and return to college. He studied electrical engineering for 3 years and graduated with higher national certificate in May 2014. During this time Andy worked part time as a shipping agent for one of Europe’s largest shipping companies, DFDS. After graduation Andy was offered a full time senior role at DFDS, although nothing to do with engineering he could not turn down full time permanent employment.

August 2014 seen Andy take to the domain name industry. Looking to make a little extra cash on the side he soon realised that there was money to be made here. So, it was back to education. Learning the domain name industry has been one of the most exciting things Andy has done, he loves reading the success stories of other domainers, he enjoys listening and watching the shows on, he has read the tips and advice given by Ali Zandi and many others on the world’s biggest domain forum ( on how to be successful in this industry.

In 2015 Andy was promoted to operations supervisor at DFDS. 2015 also seen the launch of Andy had never done any sort of web development before this so he sat on youtube for hours each day watching tutorials on how to build a wordpress site, the end result was In the summer of 2016 Domainivate was brought to an end and then Andy re-branded his marketplace as

Andy is a proud husband and father of his beautiful wife and his 4 children. He lives in Dunfermline, Scotland (near Edinburgh) and is devoted family man. All though educated in electrical engineering and an operations supervisor in the shipping industry, Andy does hope that one day he will be his own boss running his own successful online business.

Andy would like to thank you for reading this small testimony and is willing to offer any help and advice he can. You can contact Andy via the contact form at or via email

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