Why did you Purchase that Domain?

Why did you purchase that domain? Did you actually think about it first? How long did you take to contemplate your purchase? Did you research the name, phrase or keywords first? If it was a new gtld, is the same name registered in .com? Do you actually know how new gtld’s are supposed to work? Would you really go to a website with that name?

These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before you purchase any domain. I cannot stress enough how important it is to do research on a domain before any purchase especially when your first starting out domain investing. I’ve seen some terrible domains at auction recently with ridiculous pricing and people are clearly not doing their research and can’t value sh!t.

The first question I ask myself before I purchase a domain is, would I go to that site if it was developed? Secondly, if I was a web developer/designer (soon will be) would I spend my own time and efforts working on turning it into a beautiful looking website? Other questions include, does it make sense? Do the 2 or 3 words go together? I recently bought CityCarClean.com! Car cleaning/valeting company based in the city? What city? Any city! Any car valeting company based in any city in the world can use this. Then it’s off to name bio to research the keywords for similar sales. Do you use name bio? I bought FoodGoodness.com a while back, there is page after page of domains that have recently sold that start with “food” and everybody loves good food.

Let’s now look at new gtlds. The point of these is that the words on left and the right of the dot are supposed to make sense. Take .site for example. Web.Site, that works, Building.Site, Construction.Site. They all work because they all make sense and guess what, BuildingSite.com, WebSite.com and CostructionSite.com are all registered. Bankruptcies.site does not work and is not worth 4 figures. BankruptciesSite.com is available though so why not just stick with the .com and register that? because no one in there right mind would register that because it makes no sense whatsoever and it will never sell.

Bankruptcy.com and Bankruptcies.com are not even developed sites, they’re parked. I hope you see what I’m getting at here?

Think first before you go wasting your money on garbage. I strongly recommend you look at name bio for daily sales reports to see what people are buying but most of all what other investors are selling. Another great thing I do is I use these stats sent to me from Michael over at Brand Bucket.

Top Searches:

These are the niche’s Brand Bucket buyers are searching in.


Based on namebio’s reported sales and these stats above from Brand Bucket, I am happy with the majority of my portfolio, FoodGoodness.com (food), Techlings.com (tech), NicotineRush.com (health), TravelGratis.com (travel), HQVR.net (tech, technology, software) Just as an example.

The last 25 reported sales on name bio  that sold for over $1,000 at the time of this article going live are all .com .net .org and there’s even a .info in there. My advice is to stick to .com unless you really know what your doing with the new gtld’s.

Take your time when it comes to investing, be patient. It’s better to spend $500 on one or two really good .com domains than 20 new gtld’s that make no sense at all and will never sell.

If you’d like to share your buying strategies, please leave a comment below.


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