Hot Picks part 5 25th Oct 16

Welcome to part 5 of Hot Picks. Unfortunately there is not much out there today in terms of aged two word .coms. I did manage to find a few and here they are: – I could see this being used as a pet store or pet supplies. Colour plus animal in a .com is always going to be popular. – Cute and playful .com. This could be developed into an app/game for kids. – Lots of Bristol’s in the world. The main one is the city in England but there are many town’s in America also. – Nice cool financial related domain. Possible payday loan company? – Love this one for a baking/cooking blog. – Travel/tourism site. Not much else to say on this one.

Not a great selection today guys but probably the best of a bad bunch.

After your purchase it will take a few days for the domain to be transferred into your godaddy account.

None of these domains are owned by myself, and as with any closeout domains, the current owner could re-new which will result in you being unable to acquire the domain. Godaddy will issue a full refund if the current owner does re-new.

Good luck with your acquisitions and sales.


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