Hot Picks part four 20th Oct 16

Hi and welcome to part four of Hot Picks. In this episode I have broadened the search results by looking at names 5 years or older. Still in Go Daddy closeout’s so all are buy now. None of these should cost you no more than $25-$30. – I could see this domain being used by┬ádog breeders or even a mans gift site. – Christmas is only just over 9 weeks away. Personalised Christmas card making service? – Only one use I can see for this, nail bar! Or maybe a site for birds of prey. – Got to be a clothing brand. – Bidding site/app or a tool that can place bids for you on bidding sites. – Cooking blog or magazine. Not much more to say on this one. – I can this being developed as a forum or blog for social media. – There are a whole load of developed “spy” sites out there. Just Google the term spy gear or even city spy shop. An end user will not be far away for this one.

After your purchase it will take a few days for the domain to be transferred into your godaddy account.

None of these domains are owned by myself, and as with any closeout domains, the current owner could re-new which will result in you being unable to acquire the domain. Godaddy will issue a full refund if the current owner does re-new.

Good luck with your acquisitions and sales.



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