Domain Investing is Dead??

Oh really! Well if you think this then you don’t know how to invest your time and money in domains.

Some people have stated this is recent years that “domain investing is officially over”. Andrew Knibble from wrote an article back in 2011 explaining why. Well, I have to disagree with this and I won’t quote some recent sales from or to prove this although, the fact that hundreds of domains are exchanging hands every day does kind of help my argument.

Some may say that you had to be investing back in the 90’s to make a real go of it and to be successful. To some extent this would have helped a lot but, on the same hand the guys that were investing back in the 90’s didn’t just hand register a domain one day and sell it for multi millions the next. They held them for a long time and renewed every year before the end users came knocking. However, they were able to hand register what are now known as ultra-premium domains.

So let’s fast forward 20 years. This industry, in my opinion is booming. I’m a part of the biggest domain name forum in the world,, and I see new people signing up every 2-3 days wanting to learn how to invest and where to start. Some have been investing for a shorter time than me and have had a lot more success. The new investors that are having the success are reading, watching and taking notes. They look at market trends, invest wisely, hold the names for the right length of time before selling and that’s what being a domain investor is all about.

I started in 2014 and my biggest mistake was not reading, watching and taking notes and I missed out on the 4L .com train. The guys that got the 4L .com’s are now holding domains that are worth minimum $250. If you managed to hand register these 2-3 years ago with your $1 godaddy coupon, then well done you.

To be a successful investor and make it your full time job you need to diversify your portfolio. You need brand-able .com’s, CHIPS, numeric domains, a handful of popular new gtld’s. All these domains have a place on the web. You may need to hold them for several months or even years but eventually the right buyer will come along and you will reap the rewards.

So there you have it people. Domain investing is not dead and it’s not over by a long shot. It may be harder now than it was back in the 90’s but, if you know what to do and where to go to find the right domain to invest in then you’ll do just fine.

All the best on your domain investing journey.


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