Hot Picks part two 18th Oct 16

Hi and welcome to part 2 of Hot Picks. This week I am bringing you more 2-3 word brandable .com domains. All domains are, again from the closeout section of and are all buy now. They are also a minimum of 10 years old.

At the time of this post being published all domains were available. – A great domain that pretty much describes society today. Zoom + keyword .com’s are extremely popular and sell very frequently. Check out the results for yourself on – This could be a great domain for for a delivery service or even an online seller of honey. – I love this one. Everyone is wanting to loose weight, keep fit or just have a general life style change. could be the place to cover all this. – Keyword + Animal is always going to be a winner. If you don’t already know what tantric means/is then just google it. – Great domain for weed/cannabis/marijuana site. – I love this domain and if it’s not gone in the next 24 hours I think I might go for it myself. It’s fun and funky and can be used for anything. – Colour + keyword .com is always a popular option. Yes copper is a colour and not just a metal.

Try code gd61329 for 30% discount of the .com re-newel.

After your purchase it will take a few days for the domain to be transferred into your godaddy account.

None of these domains are owned by myself, and as with any closeout domains, the current owner could re-new which will result in you being unable to acquire the domain. Godaddy will issue a full refund if the current owner does re-new.

Good luck with your acquisitions and sales.



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