Hot Picks part one 11th Oct 16

Hi and welcome to the first edition of “Hot Picks”

I have been trawling through to bring you these GoDaddy, buy now, closeout domains. At the time of publication all domains are/were available. These domains, in my opinion, have some great development potential to an end user and will cost you a maximum of $30 each. They are all aged a minimum of 10 years.

Before purchasing please do your own due diligence.
Guest house, back packers hostel.
I can this being used by a landscaping company.
Blog for reviewing the latest gizmos and tech gadgets.
This could be a great name for web design company or logo design.
Recruitment consultancy!!
Great play on words here. I really like this one.
Got to be used as a fundraising site for people to donate.
Holiday/Travel/Tourism. Enough said.
Great for a blog/forum for dog breeders and owners.
Therapy, spa, yoga, relaxation. Spirit Breeze says it all.
If you have a woman in your life then you’ve heard this phrase a lot. This could definitely be a woman’s clothing brand.
Dog walking service or dog grooming service. Nice domain that easily rolls of the tongue.

After your purchase it will take a few days for the domain to be transferred into your godaddy account.

None of these domains are owned by myself, and as with any closeout domains, the current owner could re-new which will result in you being unable to acquire the domain. Godaddy will issue a full refund if the current owner does re-new.

Good luck with your acquisitions and sales.




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