Two Years a Domain Investor


So I’ve been investing my time, money and effort in domains for a little over two years now. During this time I’ve worked a full time job in the shipping industry and more recently have started studying web development at college which I love and I will be offering my web design and development services in due course.

My first year as a domain investor was a disaster. I registered ngtld’s that made no sense, I registered trademark domains without thinking. I even registered thinking it could sell for 4 figures because sold for $10,000. The truth is, I didn’t even know what the heck SEO stood for when I started investing. Thankfully, using tools and sites like, Domain Sherpa and Namebio I finally realised what sells, what people are looking to buy and invest their money in, and what SEO stands for and how it works.

So where does my money go now? Two word brand-able dot coms, and the odd .net and .io. About 90% of my small portfolio is made up of .com domains. This year (2016) has seen my best sales and have included names like, and These 3 domains cost me in total about $70. How much did they sell for? $950, $500 and $200 respectively. $1650 in sales for a $70 investment, not bad! So why did I buy them?, I seen this as an app/game, a warrior with a laser gun fighting dragon’s!, Self-explanatory, a web hosting service/company., I seen that this could be used for some sort of mapping service or checking in app.

The first two were sold through and through buy now at

So maybe I left some money on the table? I think I did, especially with that could easily be mid to high 4 figures in my opinion. So, why did I leave the money on the table? I wanted the sale. I paid $22 for it. If I put that $22 in the bank would the manager turn that into $500 in 2 months? Hell No!! So no matter what I left on the table I still got a great deal and a great return for my initial investment and was able to do a little bit extra during the summer holidays with the family. Even if I only sold one of those names for $70 it’s still a better return than what any bank would’ve given me, providing I sell within the first year.

So it’s taken two years to get to where I am. I don’t consider myself a pro by any means, and I to, am still learning daily. I just want to share with you where I am now and what works for me. If you want to start buying nice two word brand-able domains, then get onto and search the keywords and see if similar domains are selling.

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  1. Exactly what I did in the starting of domaining. Especially about the crappy new gtlds. Thanks for sharing this honest experience. I am sure that it will help some new comers.

    1. Hi Peter. No these are not hand registered. They were all godaddy closeout or expired domains. About 90% of my portfolio is from expired/closeouts.

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