Setting up part 2

In this session of setting up expired domains I’m going to show how to find domains with specific keywords. Keeping the same settings as shown in part one but minus the AdWords and SEO tab, don’t put anything in here.

So the first screen shot shows that I’m looking at GD closeouts in the market place, I’m looking for domains that are max 12 characters long with no hyphens and no numbers.


In the additional tab I have .com ticked and English dictionary words ticked. You’ll also see in the common tab that I am looking for domains that start with the keyword “Tech” and that I want to eliminate domains starting with “Techie and Technic”. You can add up to 30 words in the the domain blacklist section. When you apply the filter there are still domains that show up starting with “Techy” and “Techno” so I’ll add these words into the blacklist and now I only have the results for domains that start with the keyword “Tech”. This is a fantastic tool for finding some great domains with strong key words. Have a go at this with some of the key words you like, try the keyword starting and ending.

CHIPS and 4L Domains

Looking for 4 letter Chinese Premium domains? Then you need to use the domain name pattern tool which is at the bottom of the right hand column on the common tab. Simply by putting in “PPPP” this will eliminate all vowels and the letter V. You can then click along the marketplace tabs at the the top and see where you can buy your CHIPS. Typing in LLLL will show any combination of any 4 letter domains, CCCC will only show consonants and VVVV will only show vowels and CVCV will show a mix of both.


You can also use the domain white list to find 4L domains that start with any specific 2 letters. Example would be “LLLL” starting with “VR” or ending in “VR”


Remember to keep caps lock on and to un-check “dictionary word domains” or you will get no results.

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