Beginners Guide to Domain Investing

So you want to make some cash on the side? Quit the day job and become your own boss? You can do both of these buying and selling domain names, but this is no get rich quick industry. However, it is an industry, and it’s one with lots of up’s and many downs. So read on and find why you should invest, and where to start.

Like I said “invest” meaning you’re going to need some capital up front. This article is designed to help you invest it wisely!

One thing before we get started…. Don’t use free valuation tools! They will give you false hope. It happened to me. I used one when I started out. I went to register a few .bio domains. The valuations were fantastic but the truth of the matter was that the names I had, they were worth nothing. Stick to .com and to get better understanding of the real value of a domain name then read on.

Step 1. Head over to and sign up. NamePros is the biggest domain name industry forum in the world. I would recommend reading the blog section first so you can get a good understanding what the domain industry is all about. Follow some of the auctions to see what’s selling and what’s not. Ask questions! Once your account is active you can join the chat area and message other members of the forum.

Step 2. Head over to No need to read here, it’s all video interviews with some of the world’s best in the domain industry. Learn from the pros, learn what mistakes they made in the beginning and look where they are now.

Step 3. Head to and Here you will see recent domain name sales. Namebio has a very good user interface where you can narrow down search results and this is a site I visit daily. DNjournal will give you a list every week of the top sales, what sold, how much and where the sale took place.

Step 4. If you’ve done the above 3 then you should notice that .com is key? Other extensions can do well as an investment but you’re just starting out so you need to stick to .com for now.

Step 5. You’ve still not hand registered a domain yet? Have you? I hope not! Now that you’re armed with the above, you’ve read, you’ve watched. Go and create and account at This site is a must in any domain investors tool kit. Look at the market place section, and to narrow down the search results, there is a nice easy to use search filter. You can find some real diamonds in the rough here. Remember, stick to .com.

Step 6. Create an account with Google AdWords. This is key to find search volume, cpc and levels of competition. ExpiredDomains does list this information for you but it’s still important that you have an AdWord account so you can always check the information for yourself.

Step 7. Create an account with GoDaddy is the worlds largest domain name registrar and it’s where the majority of us domain investors have our domains registered. You will need to register with GoDaddy auctions too.

Step 8. DO NOT buy or register any domains that will infringe on trademark rights! I once registered! NO! This was one of the most stupid things I’ve ever done, no one in their right mind is going to buy it from you. Any domain you see with a brand name in it, pass it by and move on to the next.

Step 9. Go buy your first domain! OK, so you know to stick with .com? You should also know to stick with a one word .com or a two word .com. Depending on how much you’re starting out with I would always recommend going for a nice two word .com. You can find these in the godaddy closeout section on and also the godaddy expired section. You could get something really nice here for about $20 – $30 and flip it on namepros auction for $40 – $60. Go for something that makes sense. Try and stick to singular instead of plural eg makes more sense than TonicsWine and has more value than TonicWines.

Step 10. Sell it! If you want a quick flip, then go and list your domain in a namepros auction or you could for $9 list it for auction If you want to hold onto it and wait for a good offer then you could create a nice landing page or park it. List your domain name at various market places such as AfternicSedoBrandBucket or GoDaddy and wait for an offer to come in. Another technique is outbound sales but you’ll need to your research here so your email goes to the right person who can make the decision to buy a domain for a company.

Finally. Don’t give up easily. This industry can pick you up and knock you back down just as quickly. Be wise, be smart, make friends, be professional and good luck.



  1. Great beginners guide. I wish I had read a guide like this when I started. Each of these steps took me days or weeks of natural progression to find on my own. This will save beginners who are smart enough to follow all the steps, those days and weeks.

    Nice job on this guide! Its solid.

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